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Farewell Marcus!

Big congratulations to our Sociology and Finance PA, Marcus Dobson, on accepting his first post-graduation job as the district leader for the Frito Lay branch of the Pepsi Cola Company!  As the district leader, Marcus will be in charge of the finance, marketing, and operations management for that division of the company in addition to supervising a crewMarcus1 of operating managers.  Beginning in June, Marcus will travel to New York and Minneapolis for a rigorous training program and then fly back to Kansas City to begin his new career.   Shortly after graduation, Marcus will work on becoming a CFA (Chartered Finance Analyst) and apply for MBA programs in 2018.

So how did Marcus achieve his dream in just five short years?

The Pilots program gave Marcus an opportunity to explore a “paradigm shift” where his whole outlook on life changed.  His curiosity for exploring the numerous fundamentals of the world of finance and capitalizing on his strengths prompted his decision to declare Finance as his major.

2015: Marcus with his Student Finance Association group with Warren Buffet in Omaha at a Q&A luncheon.  His group was selected by the Student Finance Association to attend the luncheon.

Using the time management skills and the guidance and support from his advisors, Marcus has maintained a commendable work ethic and will graduate with his bachelor’s degree in Finance, a minor in Economics, and a certificate in Integrated Investment Management next month.

Marcus’ advice for the Pilots cohort: “Make sure you find a career that aligns with what you’re passionate about.  If your passion doesn’t align with a specific career, figure out what motivates you and look for a career that encompasses your form of motivation. Invest in what you know, which means take the time and energy to build on your knowledge.  Utilize your strengths and do your best to improve in areas you may not be as strong in.  FOLLOW YOUR CURRICULUM GUIDE!”

College life is stressful, but Marcus suggests never letting stress overwhelm you.  Never let time be the enemy, always make time your friend. Take risks and take them often. Get involved and use whatever resources are available to you. This is the time to grow and develop so take advantage of the jobs, organizations, or opportunities that align with your goals or values. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Spoken like a true businessman, Marcus!

2016: Marcus with SFA again in New York City visiting the New York Stock Exchange as a part of an organized SFA trip.





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