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Martinez Machain Promoted to Associate Professor

Carla Martinez Machain

Carla Martinez Machain has been promoted to associate professor with tenure beginning August 2017.  Carla joined the department in 2012 and has established herself as an excellent scholar and teacher.  Her research interests include international conflict, conflict outcomes, domestic coercion, and foreign policy analysis and her work has been appeared in highly regarded journals such as International Studies Quarterly, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Interactions and the Journal of Conflict Resolution.  Carla has served on the editorial board of the ISA journal Foreign Policy Analysis, has been a member of the ISA-Midwest Executive Board, and is currently the Program Chair for the Scientific Study of International Processes Section of International Studies Association.  She recently received a Big 12 Fellowship to further collaborative research with scholars at Iowa State University.  Carla teaches a number of popular courses on foreign policy, international relations, and security studies topics.   Congratulations Carla on your success and promotion!

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