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K-State Dinner at Baltimore JSM

As usual, there will be a dinner for K-State alumni and friends at this year’s Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore.  As always, the dinner will be on Monday evening about 6:30.  John Boyer will be picking a spot for the dinner and posting a sign-up sheet in the communications area of the Convention Center;  look for it by Sunday afternoon or early evening – it will have all the relevant details.  We always choose a dining spot within walking distance of the meetings and would love to have you (and your family and/or friends) join us.

JSM gathering 2016
2016 Chicago JSM gathering. Join us this year and get in the picture!!!

As another tradition has developed, we are invited up to Ron Wasserstein’s suite  in the primary convention hotel after the dinner for further socialization.  (For those of you not aware, Ron is a K-State PhD graduate, but also the Executive Director of the American Statistical Association.  He invariably has a nice set of digs for visiting.  He has invited us to join him and his family after the dinner for social activities, including some giveaways of K-State memorabilia.)  We will provide information at the dinner on how to get to Ron’s suite.