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Department of Statistics

Renaming the BS/BA Degree

Suzanne Dubnicka
Suzanne Dubnicka

In January of 2016 the department held a half day retreat that focused on enhancing the undergraduate program, which is one priority in the department’s K-State 2025 objectives. The retreat was facilitated by an external human systems consultant who was on contract with K-State. Many ideas were discussed and objectives and tasks delineated. One item of discussion was the visibility of the department’s undergraduate program in statistics across the state. It was also recognized that the numbers of undergraduate majors in statistics have been increasing overall across the country (as they have also been at K-State), and emerging subareas with the names data science or data analytics may offer a stronger connection to high school students interested in pursuing a degree in the quantitative sciences. Cognizant of the risk of embracing trendy but short-lived movements, the department felt that including the term data science in its degree name may more accurately reflect the nature of the undergraduate experience in statistics and reflect a permanent shift in the nature of careers that are available to graduates. Thus, the BS/BA undergraduate major in statistics will be named ‘Statistics and Data Science’ beginning this fall. The name change was led by Suzanne Dubnicka and included changes to the undergraduate requirements and electives.

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