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Totally Tutoring 2012-2013 Events

In 2012-2013 school year, Totally Tutoring provided excellent workshops for K-State tutors.  On October 31st, 2012, Totally Tutoring held their fall workshop at the Kansas State Union. The workshop, called the “Frightfully Fanatic Workshop,” was an opportunity to bring tutors and coordinators together to share best tutoring practices with each other. Both coordinators and tutors presented outstanding sessions at the workshop.


On March 10, 2013, Totally Tutoring held their spring workshop at the Vanier Conference Room. The workshop, called “And the Survey Says,” was a pedagogical workshop that allowed tutors to explore their curiosity about successful tutoring through a survey and informal conversations with their peers.


In addition, Totally Tutoring provided a showcase about how K-State tutors are benefiting personally and professionally from K-State tutoring programs’ collaboration. On February 6, 2013, Totally Tutoring Showcase II displayed photos of other events, such as “An Afternoon of Pedagogy, Play and Pizza” held Spring 2011, or the Totally Tutoring: A Pedagogical Workshop with Dr. Frankie Condon held Fall 2011. Provosts and directors got to met some of the tutors, and learned how these experiences are helping them become campus leaders and enhancing the quality of their pedagogical work with K-State students.


What is Totally Tutoring About?

Totally Tutoring is a collaboration of tutoring services on Kansas State University Campus. Totally Tutoring’s goal is to help K-State students succeed by providing outstanding tutoring services and excellent tutors. In addition, Totally Tutoring helps K-State tutors maintain their tutoring skills at a high level by providing workshops and lectures on tutoring.

Please visit our website at http://www.k-state.edu/tutoring/


Totally Tutoring Upcoming Events

Totally Tutoring had a great 2012-2013 school year with two workshops for tutors and another showcase for administrators. The 2013-2014 school year is promising to be another great year for K-State and Totally Tutoring. Totally Tutoring’s members from 11 different programs across campus are currently planning more workshops and/or lectures for K-State tutors. If you like to be a part of our organization or would like to give monetary support please contact Kara Northway, Assistant Professor of English, northway@k-state.edu.

Another way to give us monetary support is to contribute to the All University Campaign in September.  Our foundation account is C38905 Totally Tutoring.