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Try Shishito Peppers!

shishito peppersOn the outside, they look like hot peppers. But don’t be fooled! These small, sweet peppers have very little heat. But they pack flavor!

Shishito peppers are mainly mild in flavor, but one in ten may have a little heat. The Japanese name for these is shishi which means lion. The tips of the peppers are puckered and looks a bit like a lion head.

Farmers markets and some grocers may carry these. Look for peppers with wrinkles and twists, a narrow shape and about three inches long. They are usually green, but may have red and orange color also. Store refrigerated in a paper bag up to two weeks.

Grill, roast, or sauté to blister the skin with a little vegetable oil, season with salt or other seasoning and serve immediately.

Source: Fine Cooking, Aug/Sept 2016


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