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Alumni and Department Feature: The Person Behind the Edits

Story by Kaci Foraker, freshman (ACJ)

Although Amanda Tomlinson did not initially plan on a career in agricultural communications, the field has given her many opportunities.

Tomlinson has been working as an editor for the Publishing Unit in the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education for the past two years. She edits and publishes research reports created by Kansas State University faculty.

The faculty that she edits for receive research funds from the Kansas Agriculture Experiment Station, which include agricultural experiment stations located throughout the state.  Before these faculty submit publications to outside journals and papers, she reviews the manuscripts to ensure correct formatting and grammar.

“My role is helping faculty get their message out there by editing, printing and publishing their work so that farmers, producers, and others can read the material,” says Tomlinson.

The extension portion of the land grant system seeks to share research-based information and expert’s knowledge about current agricultural issues to citizens on a local, county, state and national levels. Any information published by K-State Research and Extension is made available to the public via online outlets, conferences or county extension programs.

“I enjoy helping faculty members publish their research to help Kansans and beyond to make their job or production be more effective,” says Tomlinson.

Prior to working for K-State Research and Extension, Tomlinson worked as the communication coordinator for the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University.

She has also worked as a communications coordinator for the National Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, extension assistant for the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University, and communications graduate assistant at Oklahoma State University, where she completed her master’s degree.

Tomlinson earned her bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in agricultural communications and journalism. She decided to attend Kansas State University because she grew up in the area and her parents worked for the university.

At the beginning of her college career, she wasn’t sure what she specifically wanted to do, but agricultural communications felt like it would be the best fit. “I wanted a job that would allow me to communicate the needs of the agricultural industry in some way.”

As an undergraduate student, Tomlinson found success by gaining experience as a student worker and expanding her networking skills.

“I focused on getting the most out of classes and not only the classes, but connecting with the faculty. Taking advantage of the resources on campus also helped me as a college student,” says Tomlinson.

Networking helped to guide Tomlinson to her current position. She was familiar with the unit and department and liked the thought of returning to her roots in the College of Agriculture.

“What the job entailed sounded like a really good fit with my previous work at Oklahoma State working with grant projects and diverse areas of research in the College of Agriculture,” says Tomlinson.

Along with being an editor, Tomlinson has served as an advisor for the Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority at Kansas State University.





One thought on “Alumni and Department Feature: The Person Behind the Edits
  1. Amanda, your long-ago predecessor at K-State was Dr. Lowell Brandner. He was an outstanding editor, teacher, advisor, and living example.

    Dr. Brandner was never bashful with his red editing pencil — with either students or PhDs. If warranted, he would lay that red pencil down on its side and write “gobbledegook” from top to bottom of the page and send it back.

    Some took umbrage at first from his editing, but eventually all grew to appreciate how much his clear, insightful editing helped their careers.

    If you get a chance, ask Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh about Dr. Brandner’s scientific editing. He’ll have a good story or two about him.

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