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Using Qualtrics for Assessment

Qualtrics, a survey tool available to all K-State faculty and staff, has many uses for assessment.  The video below details several ways Qualtrics can facilitate direct and indirect assessment across a variety of situations, including:

  • Gathering data from internships
  • Transitioning evaluation processes from paper forms to electronic means
  • Facilitating project and dissertation defense processes

For additional information or assistance in setting up Qualtrics to meet your assessment needs, contact the Office of Assessment.

Additional videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Learn More On Our Youtube Channel!

The Office of Assessment posts videos on our Youtube channel, which is a great resource for faculty and staff engaged in assessment.

In the videos below, hear Director of Assessment, Fred Burrack, and Assistant Director of Data Analytics, Chris Urban, discuss ways to use canvas for assessment in your program and courses.

In the next video, learn about the different components of the technology in canvas that can be used for assessment.

In the final video, find out more about the automation reporting by Power BI and Canvas, which can be a useful time-saving tool and help make assessment easier and more efficient.


Attend a Fall 2018 Assessment Workshop

New to assessment, or want to learn advanced techniques to collect more meaningful assessment data?  The Office of Assessment is hosting several upcoming workshops covering concepts and tools that can be used to effectively and efficiently improve student learning.

The workshops are free and open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students.  No registration is required.

Introduction to Student Learning Assessment

For those new to assessment or wanting brush up on their basic concepts and skills.  This workshop will cover the basics of assessment, from writing learning outcomes, to collecting data, to using assessment for improvement.

      • Oct 11, 2:30-3:30, 113 Leadership Studies
      • Oct 12, 10:30-11:30, 112 Leadership Studies
Using Canvas for Assessment

For faculty, staff, or program coordinators wanting to streamline the data collection process, this workshop will cover the assessment features of Canvas.  Using these features can make assessment data collection efficient and easy for faculty and programs.  Data collected from canvas can also be displayed in a dashboard.

      • Oct 4, 2:30-3:30, 113 Leadership Studies
      • Oct 5, 10:30-11:30, 112 Leadership Studies
Using Qualtrics for Assessment

For programs, faculty, and staff needing to collect assessment data outside of the classroom, the Qualtrics survey system provides a diverse set of tools for programs to collect assessment data from on and off-campus raters.  This workshop will cover tips and tricks to make Qualtrics useful for assessment.

      • Oct 18, 2:30-3:30, 113 Leadership Studies
      • Oct 19, 10:30-11:30, 112 Leadership Studies

2017-18 Senior Survey Results Available

Graduating seniors continue to rate Kansas State University highly in many areas. Of the 1,623 respondents (41.6% response rate) to the 2017-18 Senior Survey, over 92% rated their undergraduate experience positively and indicated they would recommend K-State to others.

View detailed reports and additional information on the Senior Survey.

Offered at the end of each semester by the Office of Assessment, the Senior Survey is designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to reflect upon their K-State experiences. Results are used to improve the college experience for current and future students by identifying both strengths and areas that need further development. The survey includes questions related to satisfaction with academic programs, intellectual and personal growth, student services, and preparation for a career or graduate school.

Seniors also reported progress in many other academic areas. At least 93% of respondents reported substantial progress in the ability to think critically, the ability to interact positively with people different from themselves, and the ability to participate as team members. High levels of satisfaction were also reported for various offices and services across campus.

Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science recognized for assessment efforts


The Office of Assessment has selected the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and Computer science graduate programs as this year’s recipients of the Excellence in Assessment citation.

The Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program is recognized for its efforts and achievements in the following areas:

  • Utilization of assessable criteria to measure student demonstrations of outcomes.
  • Innovative implementation of Canvas for data collection.
  • Clearly defined levels of achievement that expose specific learning needs.
  • Use of automated dashboards to analyze assessment results.

Leading the assessment efforts in this program is Kevin Wanklyn.

The Computer Science graduate program is recognized for its efforts and achievements in the following areas:

  • Effective use of assessment for curricular decisions
  • Thorough analysis and discussion of assessment data
  • Planning to incorporate student feedback and other data into the assessment process
  • Making the assessment process useful

To learn more about assessment methods, visit the Office of Assessment’s website or Twitter page.

Getting the Most Out of Canvas: Automating Assessments

Canvas has immense capabilities that can reduce the amount of time spent on the process of assessment. The Office of Assessment can help programs implement these new tools and design custom reports that meet the program’s needs. The custom reports works to enhance the data and act as an approachable deliverable to departments, faculty and programs.

Learn more about the process.




Faculty Spotlight: Irma O’Dell

“100% of why I think we have continued to make progress and were not stagnate is because of the faculty.” Dr. Irma O’Dell is a senior associate director for academic affairs and associate professor of leadership studies. O’Dell came to Kansas State University about 15 years ago. When she first arrived she worked for Linda Thurston for two years. And then joined the Staley School of Leadership Studies, which is where she is now, going on her 13 years a Kansas State University.

O’Dell recalled the memories of when she first came to the Staley School and learned that there were 16 student learning outcomes, which she thought was a little much. She also recalled that there were several per class and then after some time and talking they decided that they needed to make some adjustments. “It’s been a process,” O’Dell stated.  They did not reduce their student learning outcomes overnight, it happened over time.

The Staley school make O’Dell very proud because they not only want to interact with their students, but they also want them to use their leadership skills and talents to make a difference. “That’s something we’re really proud of, and in order to do that we create partnerships with not only individuals on campus, but also individuals in the community as well as the surrounding community.”

The faculty is a contributing factor to the success of the school. “We would not have these SLOs (student learning outcomes) or SDOs (student development outcomes) without the faculty.” O’Dell said that even though she’s the one that’s gathering the information and putting it together, they’re the ones that deliver in the classroom.