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Category: May 2018

Save the Date: K-State Ranching Summit August 15

Manhattan, Kan. –The K-State Beef Team is pleased to invite you to the 2018 K-State Ranching Summit, Aug. 15, 2018 at the KSU Alumni Center in Manhattan, KS.  The Ranching Summit event is designed to equip managers with the skills to address the challenges of ranching in the business climate of today and tomorrow. The theme of the program is “Beef 2030 – Pursuing technology, transparency and profitability.” Continue reading “Save the Date: K-State Ranching Summit August 15”

Anaplasmosis has been found in all Kansas agricultural districts

By Gregg A. Hanzlicek, DVM, PAS, PhD

In 2017, the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine initiated a state-wide Kansas cow-calf anaplasmosis prevalence study.

One hundred and sixty four licensed veterinarians collected blood samples from herds in their practice area.  In total, 925 herds (9,250 animals) were sampled.  Veterinarians, herds, and animals within each herd were randomly selected for this study.  Diagnostic testing was completed on each blood sample to estimate the percentage of positive Anaplasmosis herds residing in each Kansas Agricultural District.  This study did NOT determine what percentage of animals within each herd were positive. Continue reading “Anaplasmosis has been found in all Kansas agricultural districts”

Tally Time: Keeping on schedule

By Sandy Johnson, extension beef specialist, Colby, KS

A year ago at this time, wet weather had delayed planting of many spring crops.  This year, cool soil temperatures are doing the same.  Grass growth has also been delayed, and in many cases winter feed supplies are running short.  The challenge for many operators is to give the grass as much time as possible given the current weather conditions, balanced with how long winter-feed supplies can be stretched. Continue reading “Tally Time: Keeping on schedule”

Predicting Forage Growth

By Sandy Johnson, extension beef specialist, Colby, KS

The current drought monitor has much of the southern part of KS in severe or extreme drought, with exceptional drought along the western Oklahoma boarder. It is hard to know how this will change in the coming months but preparation and planning can help us adapt and minimize the impact if dry conditions continue. Continue reading “Predicting Forage Growth”

Water: Questions and Answers

by Justin W. Waggoner, beef systems specialist, Garden City

Most cattle producers fully understand the importance of water. After all, providing an adequate supply of clean, fresh, water is the cornerstone of animal husbandry. There are very few things that compare to the feeling of finding thirsty cows grouped around a dry tank on hot day. Water is important, and in situations where the water supply is limited or we are forced to haul water, one of the first questions we find ourselves asking is “how much water do those cows need”? Continue reading “Water: Questions and Answers”