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Survey of Cattle Feedlot Facilities in the High Plains Region of the United States

Objective: Obtain descriptive data regarding outdoor cattle feeding facilities cur­rently used by feedlots in the High Plains region of the United States.

Study Description: Feedlots were randomly selected from an existing database con­taining contact information for feedlots located in the High Plains (Texas, Oklaho­ma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska), with a minimum one-time capacity of 5,000 cattle. An individual electronic invitation was sent to feedlots to participate in the study. The survey was divided into 4 categories: general information; shipping and receiving area; cattle feeding pens; and hospital area. The survey was conducted during summer of 2015.

The Bottom Line: This paper provides a thorough description of outdoor cattle feeding facilities in the High Plains region in the United States to serve as a benchmark for those looking to build a new facility or enhance an existing cattle feedlot.

View full research report by authors J.C. Simroth, D.U. Thomson, E.F. Schwandt, S.J. Bartle, C.K. Larson, and C.D. Reinhardt at

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