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Consider the Value Of Genomics: Bull Buying Resolution For The New Year

by Bob Weaber, Cow-calf Extension Specialist

Bull buying is an activity on the horizon for many cow-calf producers. With the winter/spring sale season just around the corner it is a great time consider your bull buying strategy.  In addition to revisiting your breeding system (make sure you capture the value of maternal heterosis) and alignment of selection criteria to production/marketing constraints, producers should evaluate the opportunity to purchase bulls that have been genotyped. Many seedstock producers are genotyping their sale offering to support the purchase decisions of their commercial customers. Sometimes the genotyped bulls cost a little more, but the added value far exceeds the cost, in my opinion. Continue reading “Consider the Value Of Genomics: Bull Buying Resolution For The New Year”

Prior, Proper, Planning Precedes Profitable Purchases

by Bob Weaber, extension cow-calf specialist

Piles of bull sale catalogsAs the bull-buying season gets underway, commercial cattlemen should do their home work to help ensure the bull(s) they purchase this year meet their needs. Like most things in life, preparedness is the key to making an informed decision. In this case, an informed purchase. Remember, bull selection accounts for more than 75% of the gene flow in your herd.  Take the time to do the $500/hour work in bull selection and let some of the $5/hour work wait until after bull purchases are made. Before you crack open the sale catalogs of seedstock suppliers, there are few resources and skills you should possess. Continue reading “Prior, Proper, Planning Precedes Profitable Purchases”