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KELI launches mentoring program for new principals

Mary Devin at a KELI planning meeting.

The Kansas Educational Leadership Institute, or KELI, is rolling out its leadership program for new principals this fall.

KELI was founded in 2011 when six statewide organizations banded together to design a program to support the development of quality leadership in Kansas schools. KELI matches first-year school leaders with highly experienced mentors in an intensive mentoring/induction program.

Adding mentorship for principals after the successful launch of the superintendents’ program is part of the original vision for KELI.

“New principals will now have the opportunity to benefit from onsite, individual mentoring and support as they navigate their new leadership position,” said KELI Executive Director Mary Devin. “KELI seeks to develop quality leaders who are committed to continued growth. This type of leadership attracts and retains quality teachers, resulting in excellence in education across Kansas.”