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     Our instructors in the English Language Program have expressed how much they have appreciated having the Go Teachers students from Ecuador in their classes.  These students, who are teachers in their home country, have brought enthusiasm and diversity to the our intensive English classes.  The program started in 2012 and currently have Cohort 6 here.  Please see the interview with Dr. Marcelo Sabates, Associate Provost for International Program, James Callahan, International Program Manager for Global Campus, and Taylor Jennings, Advisor/Instructor for the English Language Program.

2 thoughts on “Go Teacher Program
  1. Hello everybody there! I am really happy to hear news from you. I had a special time during my elp classes in summer 2012, thanks to Mr. John Hewit and Mr. Max Stinett for all their help in our language skills improvement.
    Best wishes from Ecuador.


  2. It was an honor to be an international student at KSU. This experience allowed me to grow as educator and human being. You gave me the opportunity to work in a variety of projects where I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of a different education paradigm.
    I would like to thank you for all the help you provided me during my staying at Jardine. I admire the high level of professionalism that all your staff displays, and therefore I consider a privilege to study there.

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