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New Class!

20150421_163808    This spring, the English Language Program (ELP) has added a semester long basic orientation class for its high beginning through low intermediate international students studying English. The ELP has always had an orientation class (Orientation to Higher Education) for its intermediate through higher level students. However, this new course has been developed to meet the orientation needs of international students with very limited English language skills. The course was developed and taught by Laura Phillips-Zee, an instructor and advisor in the Program.  The class had several guest speakers who were also ELP instructors.  In addition to basic information such as ELP grading process and scheduling information, speakers April Darnell spoke about plagiarism, Tim Peverill spoke on motivation, and Andrea Law presented on organizational skills.  “The two student workers who helped me with the class, Ronnie Sullivan and Nick Schneweis, were amazing.  They did everything from taking attendance and crowd-control, to creating and presenting a vocabulary lesson on sports in the United States.”

     Other work/activities included learning about resources in the ELP’s International Technology Commons, a tour of Hale Library, and a semester long binder project in which students made a portfolio of their work and demonstrated their organization skills.  “I’ve learned a lot about what works well and what doesn’t, and I’m really looking forward to the fall class,” says Laura.

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