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South Korean Summer Institute Students Poster Session

Student poster presentation

The 24 South Korean Summer Institute students, sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology completed their unique five week Embedded Systems, Cyber Security and English technical writing courses and presented their work in a Poster Session in the Leadership Studies Building.  This was their capstone project that brings together technical writing and presentation skills, manipulation of visual elements and oral communication proficiencies.

“These students are very enthusiastic, and are excited about preparing their demonstration and asking for advice. The poster session will include impressive demonstrations, and topics such as Android backdoor, DNS spooling attack, Social engineering and more” said Daniel Wang.

Jeanseong Baik, one of the students in the class indicated, “I am a student from Korea taking this special computer engineering course. By taking English class at Kansas State University, it was a lot of help to me.  As a foreign student it wasn’t easy to get along, but because of Christina Luster’s teaching I could learn about English technical writing, and not just the hard stuff, but what is really important. The resume and application letters made me think of a global job, not in Korea. Then I realized practically that this class made me confident to be a global employee. I’m still not good at English but I am not afraid of using English, because now I know how to do it and what to do.”

To see more photos from the poster session, click here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.696200413761200.1073741834.107409732640274&type=3

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