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K-State Parents and Family Program

2018 Marked 90 Years of K-State Family Day

Thank you to everyone who traveled to Manhattan last month for 2018 K-State Family Day!

Whether you participated in Family Day festivities or not, we always want you to enjoy spending quality time with your student.

Family Day provides a variety of activities for families to choose, but we know you are really looking for an opportunity to eye ball your student and find out how things are going.  Students often share that they get pummeled with questions about how classes are going, relationships, time management, managing finances, and more.  While the questions can feel overwhelming at times, your student knows that your questions demonstrate care about their success.  As long as families can find humor throughout the inquisition, most students are happy to oblige.

Highlights from 2018 Family Day

The Legacy Pinning Ceremony & Brunch continues to be a valued tradition.  The ceremony provides families with the opportunity to honor multiple generations of loyalty to K-State.  This year, we also highlighted the beginning of new legacies by including first-generation students and families.

Families attending the K-State Family Tailgate event enjoyed Cox Bros. BBQ, door prizes and participated in a FREE TUITION drawing where the parents and family association gave away more than $4,000 to three lucky families.  Following the annual pre-game event, the Cats defeated UTSA 41-17!

Celebrating 90 Years of Family Day

To commemorate this milestone, families were invited to donate items to the Cats’ Cupboard and the Career Closet.

“The response to the invitation to donate was so overwhelmingly successful, we will likely continue to include this philanthropic opportunity in future family day plans.”  Anne DeLuca, K-State Career Center

Didn’t make it to Family Day? No worries!

There are plenty of other opportunities to connect with your student.  Make the trip to Manhattan during a more convenient weekend, or find a weekend for your student to travel home.  If schedules don’t allow a road trip, FaceTime with your student.  Seeing their face, where they’re living and maybe even meet a new friend – it’s the next best thing!  While your student may not always answer, keep sending those text messages from home.  Be creative!  Send pics of the family pet, a message from a grandparent or a former high school teacher or coach.  Be encouraging and let your student know you’ve got their back.  Old-fashioned snail mail works, too.  Who doesn’t enjoy finding a card or letter in the mailbox?!

Ready to make plans for 2019?

Within the next few weeks, the K-State PFA will be announcing the date for 2019 K-State Family Day.  Information will be shared on the K-State PFA Facebook, Twitter and Family Day website.