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It’s Time for the K-State Career Fair

The Kansas State University All-University Career Fair is next month! This opportunity, open to students of all majors and disciplines, is a great way to connect with hundreds of employers looking to hire K-Staters! 

The Career Fair is hosted from September 19-September 21 and students will have the chance to be recruited for full time jobs, internships, and co-op positions.

Students will need to join Handshake, the Career Center’s recruiting and career services platform for K-State students, alumni and employers. Students and alumni can use Handshake to easily connect with employers, search for jobs and internships, review career fair/event information, and manage on-campus interviewing.

We asked a few students about the career fair and how it impacts them as a student:

What is a benefit of going to the career fair on campus?

“The wide variety of companies, industries and professionals present make the career fair so beneficial for students. K-State does something special to designate the recruiters who also are alumni and allows opportunities for networking on campus.” -Kyler Jost, Senior in Personal Financial Planning

What do you hope to gain by attending the career fair this year?

“I hope to speak with professionals in many different career fields and get a better understanding of where I’ll best fit after college” -P.J. Hopfinger, Sophomore in Political Science and Economics

“What success did you find in attending the career fair as an undergraduate?”

“I spent a lot of time looking at the career center website before I went to the fair so I could target companies that were looking for industrial engineers. I ended up interviewing for and receiving full time offers from two different companies, one of those being American Airlines- who I now work for. American wasn’t on my radar until I saw they were attending the fair. Had it not been for the career fair, I would absolutely be working at a different company right now. I got incredibly lucky with my job, and I have the career fair to thank for that.” -Ava Clark, K-State Alumni ’16

Pass these tips along to your student so they can be successful at the Career Fair!