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K-State 360 is Here!

Your students will have experiences outside of the classroom while attending Kansas State University and we want them to be meaningful. K-State 360 is a way to make those experiences count for something.

Students can track areas in which they are developing skills in teamwork, diversity, leadership, problem solving, communication, and career development. K-State 360 is designed to give students a competitive edge for future success.

It’s simple: a student can easily sign up and check-in through their smart phone and record their attended events and activities on campus. Upon completion of the program they will receive a co-curricular transcript to share with future employers, graduate or professional schools and will receive K-State 360 alumni benefits.

K-State 360 was first discussed in the Summer of 2014 and since then, a committee of staff from across the Division of Student Life have been working to identify the specifics of the program, researching peer institutions across the nation, reading relevant research and visiting with administrators who have implemented similar programs.

Have your students sign up HERE!