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As a new semester begins, K-State Housing & Dining Services is recruiting students to work in the dining centers.

Did you know?
• Students don’t have to work a tremendous number of hours. New freshmen will not be scheduled more than 12 hours a week. Many students choose to work only 6 hours per week then pick up substitute shifts when they want to.

• Working in the dining center provides an extension of K-State’s educational environment. Only a few hours of work a week provides social opportunities that often last a lifetime. Students learn many valuable work skills, including communication, decision making, judgement, leadership, teamwork, and dedication. These skills are central to success in the careers students are aspiring to have. In fact, many of these valuable work skills are communicated in resumes and interviews that freshmen will need all too soon. Students begin at $8.00/ hour, but more important than the wage is the educational benefit work provides.

• We believe students’ academic success is the top goal and we assign work schedules to support this belief. Student schedules are made around class schedules and never would we expect a student to skip class because of a job. Nor do we expect that they be here during breaks such as Thanksgiving, semester, and spring.

• Research has shown that students do better academically when they have to balance schedules and be organized. Based on the research results, it is likely that working a few hours a week can create an environment that improves study skills, time management, and thus academic success. Of course, the research is not suggesting cause and effect but there is a correlation between academic success and managing time effectively.

A job in dining services is intended to give students some extra spending money with an option to earn more if they so choose by adding work hours or accepting requests to fill substitute requests. Leadership within Housing & Dining Services are pretty open to students’ needs and wants, providing a position exists. The job is also intended to provide an intrinsic value to students’ education by introducing and reinforcing the skills that will make them competitive in getting great internships and professional positions.

Think your student might benefit from a part-time job in the dining center?

Applying is easy. Students need to:
1. Go to the Housing and Dining Services web site: www.housing.k-state.edu/
2. Click on: employment (located on left hand side)
3. Click on: undergraduate student employment opportunities
4. Click on: dining services openings
5. Click on: current openings
6. Click on: apply for dining center positions on-line
7. Complete the dining services student employee application


Newly renovated Kramer Dining Center hosts students and guests in Wefald Hall.

For student testimonials, visit the K-State Parents and Family Association Facebook page for video messages from student employees.

Content provided by Housing & Dining Services, Assistant Professor Mary Molt.