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Author: Jill Abbott

Sophomore Spotlight: Katia Chavira

Katia was born in New Mexico and moved to southwest Kansas when she was just four years old.  She attended numerous schools in southwest Kansas and Oklahoma as her family moved around the area to find work at dairy farms.  Katia came to Kansas State University through a College Assistance Migrant Program that is available to studeIMG_0194nts from migrant and seasonal farm working families.  This scholarship program provides financial assistance for students to attend and succeed in college.   Continue reading “Sophomore Spotlight: Katia Chavira”

Photo Gallery

Brent's English Group
English PA, Brent Weaver, with Anna Meagher & Lewis Galloway
Margaret's Group
English students, Krista Primmers and Elizabeth Gregory, work hard on their homework with PA, Margaret Burton.
Dayton and Janet
Math PA, Dayton Crist, double checks Janet Matos’ College Algebra homework.
Sarah W's Math Group
Math PA, Sarah Watkins, highlights a math problem with a group of Studio College Algebra students.
Sophomores 2015
Look who made an appearance — it’s a group of our amazing sophomores who are taking their second year by storm!
More Sophomores2015
Dr. Melgarejo, Associate Professor, Human Ecology came to share with Pilots Sophomores his story about finding his passion. What an inspiring story he shared!
Pilots advisors, Nilima and Nidhi work out the final details for Chris Walton’s Spring, 2016 schedule during our busy week of enrollment. Remember, if you haven’t enrolled yet, meet with your Pilots advisor ASAP to get started!
SQ Wordcloud Fall 2015
Check it out! Here’s a wordcloud depicting this year’s Pilots students’ StrengthsQuest results! This years top 5 strengths were: Restorative, Empathy, Includer, Futuristic, and Harmony.




Happy October

Can you believe October is almost over?  Give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it more than halfway through the semester!  We hope you are enjoying your classes and are making preparations for all of your upcoming exams, papers, and projects.  This is a very busy time of year, so please take moment to read this newsletter to stay updated on important information.  Best of luck in your classes and stay well this fall!

– The Pilots Staff (Rebeca, Nilima, Nidhi, R.J., & Jill)



Important Dates to Jot Down:Calendar clipart

  • Friday, October 30, 2015: Last Day to drop a Regular Session Course
  • Friday, November 6, 2015: Last Day to see your Pilots Advisor for class points
  • November 9-18, 2015: Enrollment for most first year students
  • Friday, November 20, 2015: Second Cultural Event Reflection Paper Due
  • November 23-27, 2015: Student/University Holiday – NO CLASS

Upcoming Cultural Events


Your next cultural event reflection paper is due Friday, November 20 by 11:59 pm! Remember, you have to attend TWO separate cultural events this semester to get full credit for the assignments.  Here are some upcoming, approved cultural events for you to consider attending before the paper is due!   This list is constantly updated with new cultural event opportunities. Check Canvas and the board in the Pilots’ lab for more information. 




I was a Buffalo Soldier: The Story of Nolan SelfBuffalo Soldier

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 11:00 am.

Hemisphere Room, Hale Library





Autism Ribbon

Autism in Love: Film Screening

Wednesday, November 9, 2015 at 6:00 pm.

Townhall, Leadership Studies Building








Privilege and the Intersectionality of Identities: A Complicated Reality


Thursday, November 17, 2015 at 7:00 pm.

Townhall, Leadership Studies Building





Transgender Day of RemembranceLGBT Resource Center Logo

Saturday, November 19, 2015 at 7:00 pm.

Ballroom, K-State Alumni Center

Spring 2016 Enrollment Steps

1.) Schedule an appointment with your Pilots advisor (Rebeca, Nilima or Nidhi) before BooksOctober 31 by emailing them directly or stopping by Holton 101.


2.) Bring a your curriculum guide for your major to your Pilots advising meeting.  You can find a curriculum guide by visiting the Curriculum Guides at K-State page and select your


3.) See your advisor during your scheduled time and fill out the Pilots Pre-Enrollment form.  Don’t lose this form!!


4.) Make an appointment with you Academic advisor for your major before your enrollment date/time (listed on KSIS).If you don’t know their name, check KSIS.


5.) Check your email.  Your academic advisor may have already told you how to make an appointment.  Check with your department for official procedures.


6.) KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME! If you miss your appointment and have to reschedule, you may not get to enroll in your preferred Spring 2016 courses.


7.) At your meeting, your advisor will lift your KSIS Advising hold/flag, sign your Pilots pre-enrollment sheet and add notes for class suggestions.


  • All of your holds on your KSIS account MUST be taken care of before you can enroll for spring classes.


8.) Bring your pre-enrollment sheet to Holton Hall 101


9.) Check KSIS to figure out what date and time you can enroll.

  • That date and time is the earliest you can enroll.
  • You will all meet at Bluemont Hall 116 (the Pilots lab) on your designated day and time to enroll.  Don’t miss class or a PA hour to enroll, just come to the lab as soon as you can.
  • Your advisor will bring your enrollment form.


NOTE: First year students enroll as early as November 16; however, because of the numerous steps involved in the enrollment planning process, NOW is the time to get started!

Student Spotlight: Rachel Groff

Rachel is from Edgerton, KS, which is on the edge of Johnson County.  Rachel was adopted when she was just three months old, and many of her siblings were also adopted.  She grew up going to church with her family since her father was a pastor, now retired.  When she was in 7th grade, the big earthquake struck Haiti, as most of us remember hearing about. As a result of this tragedy, many children were left without parents, and placed in orphanages.  This horrific event inspired Rachel to embark on two different mission trips to Haiti to volunteer at an orphanage.  She and a friend arranged to bring down over 200 pairs of shoes on the first trip, and a large sum of donated clothes for Haiti’s clothing depot on the second.  Continue reading “Student Spotlight: Rachel Groff”

Welcome to K-State – Welcome to Pilots!

Top, L to R: Dayton, Zach J., Daniel, Abdullateef, Marcus, Kevin, & Zach R. Bottom, L to R: Susan, Jill, Shelby, R.J., & Nilima
Top, L to R: Dayton, Zach J., Daniel, Abdullateef, Marcus, Kevin, & Zach R.
Bottom, L to R: Susan, Jill, Shelby, R.J., & Nilima

As your dedicated and enthusiastic staff, we are glad you chose to be a part of the Pilots program to chart your journey to success!  We hope that your semester is off to a wonderful start and you are adjusting to life at K-State.  The Pilots program prides itself on being there every step of the way as you navigate your way through your first year of college.  Our advisors are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about classes, majors, or challenges that may come up this year.  Remember to take advantage of your PA hours held by our outstanding peer assistant staff.  The peer assistants will help you develop strong study skills and habits.  We invite you to get to know us and help us get to know you!  We love our students and we want to help you make this year great!

 Here’s to a fantastic school year!

The Pilots Staff:  (Rebeca, Shay, Nilima, R.J., Jill, and your PAs)

Freshman Orientation

Thank you to all who were able to attend freshman orientation!

REMEMBER: Our next mandatory Pilots group meeting will be Monday, October 5 at 4:00 pm in Kedzie Hall, Room 004.  See you there!

Thank you to all who participated 2015 Freshman Orientation



  • Monday, September. 21Last day to drop a class for 50% refund
  • Monday, September. 28 Last day to drop a class w/out a W recorded
  • Friday, October. 2First Round of Advising Appointments
  • Monday, October. 5First mandatory group meeting
  • Friday, October. 16 – First Cultural Event Paper Due

Tips for Success from Former Pilots Students

  • Study and go to class.
  • Read the textbook…. No, seriously.
  • Talk to your instructors during office hours. “I talked to my English instructor and she let me do an extra revision on a paper.”2014 Pilots Students
  • Use on campus resources. “You have free tutoring available — USE IT to your advantage!”
  • See your advisor. “Mine helped solve a problem with my roommate. It helped me not be so stressed.”
  • Read through your assignments before class.
  • Attend the Peer Assistant study hours you set for yourself
  • Utilize PAs in the Pilots lab! “They were successful in the class before and they know how you can be successful, too.”
  • See your Pilots advisor on a regular basis. Rebeca, Shay, and Nilima are there to answer all of your questions!