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Awarding Outstanding K-State Tutors

Awarding Outstanding K-State Tutors

Totally Tutoring believes that there is a need to recognize and award K-State’s outstanding tutors. The students who formed the Totally Tutoring student awards committee honored six tutors for spring 2014:

“Tutors Make a Difference” Award Winners: Undergraduate Tutors

Megan Reynolds (Leasure Hall Tutoring)              

Amanda Braun (Leasure Hall Tutoring)                  

Jay Disberger (SAS)                                                        


“Tutors Make a Difference” Award Winners: Graduate Tutors

Damien Downes (Athletics)                                         

Michelle Gutknecht (ARC/DARC)                             

Kelsey Welliver (Leasure Hall Tutoring)                 


“Honorable Mention”

Hunter Gilson (The Writing Center)

Rachel Smith (The Writing Center)



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