Flower Power Eggs


  1. Slice bell peppers (green, red, yellow, orange) into ½ inch rings.
  2. Heat a lightly oiled skillet on low.
  3. Place pepper rings in the skillet. Crack an egg in the middle of each ring.
  4. Wash bell peppers with water. Stem and remove cores leaving the pepper whole.
  5. Sprinkle a little bit of water (approximately 1 teaspoon) in the pan; cover and cook over low heat until yolks are firm or reach an internal temperature of 160 °F. Use a food thermometer to be sure.
  6. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and serve immediately.

Onion variaNew eggtion: Peel and wash onion. Remove stem and root ends. Slice onion into ½ inch slices. Use the largest ring; place in an oiled skillet over medium heat. When one side is browned, flip the onion ring over. Crack an egg in the middle and cook the same as in steps #4 and #5 above.

Avocado variation: Avocados develop a custard-like texture when cooked. Slice an avocado lengthwise, with the skin on, forming one thick slice in the middle. (You will have some leftover avocado pieces.) Remove the seed. Use a small cookie cutter to make a hole in the center of your thick avocado slice. Place the avocado slice in the oiled skillet. Crack an egg into the center of the hole and continue steps #4 and #5 above.

Source: http://www.walkkansas.org/eating/recipes/eggs.html

-Ashley Goudey