Your Reusable Water Bottle – Keep it Clean!

If you fill a water bottle and carry your healthy drink along with you, congrats! But it is important to keep your reusable bottle clean or you could actually make yourself sick. Here are some key points to good clean (healthy) drinking!

  • Wash and disinfect your water bottle at least every few days, if not more often. It’s simple – just add a few drops of dish soap to your water bottle, fill about half full with warm water, screw on the top and shake! Rinse the bottle thoroughly and leave open to air dry.
  • If your bottle is in need of deeper cleaning (think – to remove an odor?) after you wash with soap and water, use a vinegar soak of 1/5 white vinegar and 4/5 water. Let it sit in the bottle overnight, then rinse thoroughly with water in the morning.
  • Disposable plastic bottles aren’t made to be used more than once. By washing and reusing a single-use bottle, you may begin to breakdown the plastic and expose yourself to harmful chemicals.

By:  Ashley Svaty