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Managing Feed Intake of Weaned Calves

weanedcalvesby Justin W. Waggoner, beef systems specialist


Weaning is just around the corner for many spring-calving operations. The process of weaning calves essentially has 3 primary components: 1) maternal separation 2) moving to a new environment with a new social structure and 3) becoming accustomed to new, unfamiliar feedstuffs. How we manage all of these sources of stress or components of the weaning process ultimately impacts calf health and performance. However, one of the most critical elements of a successful weaning program is getting calves to consume feed. The first step in managing feed intake of calves is getting them to the bunk.

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The Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD): What producers need to know about antimicrobial use in feed


by A.J. Tarpoff, DVM, MS, Beef Extension Veterinarian


The use of antibiotics in feed for food producing animals has come under scrutiny over the past few years. The growing issues with bacteria developing resistance to medically important antibiotics in human medicine have been a major driver of these changes. The FDA has put the use of medically important antibiotics under the guidance of veterinarians. The Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) is the way in which veterinarians will work with producers to ensure the judicious use of these antibiotics with FDA oversight. Many of the antimicrobial medications affected are currently sold over the counter, but will soon be under VFD status.

As of January 1, 2017, the new VFD rules will be in full effect. Medically important antibiotics will no longer be labelled or be used for growth promotion practices. Many currently over the counter antibiotics will be changed to VFD status. Use of these antimicrobials by producers must be authorized by their veterinarian in the form of a VFD.

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K-State Beef Stocker Field Day scheduled for September 22


Pasture burning issues and beef cattle outlook are among presentations planned.

The beef cattle outlook, parasite and fly control options as well as technology applications for beef cattle operations are among topics planned for the 2016 Kansas State University Beef Stocker Field Day on Thursday, Sept. 22.

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K-State Ranching Summit Planned for October 7; Registration Now Open

Ranching Summit LogoRegistration is now open for the K-State Ranching Summit. This first-time event is designed to equip managers with the skills to address the challenges of ranching in the business climate of today and tomorrow.


“Market forecasts point to declining revenues for cow-calf producers over the next several years. To ensure profitability, ranch managers will need to make a number of strategic management decisions.” says Dr. Bob Weaber, K-State cow-calf extension specialist. “The Ranching Summit was designed from the ground up to bolster the managerial knowledge and skills of beef producers.”

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