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Category: Issue 64, April 2020

Pharmacy at Lafene

As mentioned in the February Parent and Family newsletter, Lafene Health Center has a full-service pharmacy that offers convenient, affordable care.  Lafene’s pharmacy staff can fill prescriptions from our Lafene Medical Providers or from your student’s hometown provider.  Existing prescriptions can be easily transferred to the Lafene pharmacy by calling 785-532-7758 with a request for the Lafene pharmacist to call your local pharmacy. Prescriptions with refills from Lafene’s Medical Providers may also be transferred home to the student’s local pharmacy by a telephone call from that pharmacy to Lafene.  Online prescription renewal is available through the myLafene+ patient portal on the Lafene website.  Prescriptions are typically filled with minimal wait times, and students are notified via text when their prescription is ready to be picked up.

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Finish #K-StateStrong

Completing the Spring 2020 semester online is not quite what everyone was expecting. This time can feel stressful and challenging; however, K-State is working hard to ensure students have academic resources available to finish the semester strong.

If your student is needing academic support to navigate online classes, there are several resources to get connected:

  • The Keep Learning website is home to tips and resources for online learning. You can find ideas on how to stay organized, make the most of online learning, or how to access technology support.
  • At the Academic Achievement Center we are focused on equipping students with tools and support necessary for their success. We offer connections to the Office of First-Generation Students, Scholar Services, Tutoring, and Academic Coaching.
    • Academic Coaches are available via our virtual Learning Lab to meet one on one and discuss plans to finish the semester #K-StateStrong. No appointments are necessary for virtual coaching. Students can stop by anytime Monday through Friday 9am-5pm by clicking the “Connect to Academic Coaching” button.
    • The Academic Success Tool Library is filled with tools that provide guidance on how to improve specific academic skills. This includes time management, test-taking, reading, and motivational tools.
    • We are also hard at work to create videos that support your student’s academic success. Check out our YouTube channel to get step-by-step information about how to implement academic success strategies.
  • In response to the impacts of COVID-19, K-State has made changes to the A/Pass/Fail policy for Spring 2020. Opting into this policy can have a positive impact on GPA and lower your students stress level due to distance learning. “Under this option, students earning a grade of A in a course will have an A recorded on the transcript for that course; a grade of B, C, or D will be recorded as Pass; a Grade of F will be recorded as F.” If your student is considering opting in to this policy, encourage them to speak with their Academic Advisor before making a final decision. Students have until May 8, 2020 to submit the form.

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K-State Libraries Provides Remote Services for your Student

When students arrive at K-State, there’s one thing we want to make sure they know: We are here to help. We tell them that they don’t need to fumble through the hundreds of databases available, or stress out about how to find the research they need. That’s why we are here.

This message has perhaps never been as relevant as it is this semester. As students get used to taking classes in an online format, we know that they are feeling additional stress. Now, more than ever, we want parents to know that we are here to help your student succeed.

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Career Center Offers Virtual Assistance

While Berney Family Welcome Center is closed physically, the Career Center team is ready to assist your students virtually! You can “Chat with us” as found on our homepage or give us a call at 785-532-6506 during our typical business hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. After office hours, please email careercenter@k-state.edu and we will be back in touch the next business day.

We have a variety of ways that students can connect virtually with Career Center advisors, including drop-ins, scheduled appointments and presentations via Zoom.

  • Virtual Drop-Ins are offered Monday-Thursday 12noon-4 p.m. CST. Drop-ins are best for resume critiques and brief questions.
  • Scheduled Appointments are offered virtually via Zoom or phone. Log in to Handshake. Click the “Career Center” drop-down menu, then select “Appointments.”
  • Outreach Presentations are available for online classes and student organizations when scheduled in advance via our Request a Speaker form.

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Parents and Families: Key Partners in Student Success

Dr. Jeannie Brown    Leonard, Vice Provost    for Student Success

Your support of your K-State student during this challenging time is critical to student success. Living and working in the midst of a global pandemic demands a lot from all of us. The uncertainty of the moment and the near future is stressful. We need you to help your student finish the Spring 2020 semester.

How can you help?

  • Give your student the time and space to complete academic work, especially if your student is living at home.
  • Ask your student to share details of a study plan that includes future assignments and when and how your student plans to meet those course demands. If your student does not have such a plan, suggest creating one!
  • Respect those study plans. Be mindful of how much you ask your student to do in support of household chores, caring for siblings or grandparents, or contributing to the family farm or business. Some contribution is reasonable, but these duties should not interfere with the study plan.
  • Remind your student that K-State resources are available to them remotely. The Keep Learning website is a great place to start. Most office websites have guidance on how to access services at a distance.
  • If your student is graduating this spring, celebrate this accomplishment and make plans to come to campus in December for a special ceremony.
  • If your student is continuing, ask about summer and fall enrollment plans and encourage your student to meet with an academic advisor.
  • Join your student on walks or other breaks during the day. If your student is not living at home, call or video-chat regularly. It is important to say connected to a social network even as we practice physical distancing.

The unforeseen curriculum of Spring 2020 is resiliency. Join me in helping your student make progress toward their academic, career, and personal goals by finishing the semester K-State Strong!

Submission by guest contributor Dr. Jeannie Brown Leonard, Vice Provost for Student Success