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Building a Vehicle Emergency Kit

building-a-vehicle-emergency-kitSometimes we find ourselves on the road when bad weather hits. It is a good idea to have a vehicle emergency kit stocked for the current weather season and with essentials for all potential passengers. Check out the January Building Strong Families Insert for suggestions as you build and/or update your vehicle emergency kit.

By: Nora Rhoades

Prepare Kansas 2016 Keeping Food Safe in Emergency Situations

Starting September 1, 2016, Prepare Kansas will provide tips on keeping food safe in emergency situations. This year the Prepare Kansas program will be conducted through the K-State Research and Extension FacebookPrepare Kansas page.

No registration is required, so anyone interested in planning ahead for emergencies can follow on Facebook at any time during September, pick up handy information and interact with K-State extension specialists and agents.

Emergency and disaster preparedness resources can be accessed year-round by contacting your local Post Rock Extension District Office. Prepare Kansas also has a blog at http://blogs.k-state.edu/preparekansas/.

By:  Nora Rhoades

Helping Children Cope with Tragedy

Natural disasters, family changes such as divorce, death, serious injury, or community violence can be traumatic for both children and adults. Everyone needs time to process traumatic events. Children often experience disasters differently than adults and they need to have developmentally appropriate explanations of them. Engage with children to help them process tragic events, practice coping skills, and build resiliency. Here are some helpful resources:

By:  Nora Rhoades