Your Valuable Records

In an emergency, would your family or trusted friend know who to contact? Your bank? Your financial adviser? Your insurance company?

Free resources from K-State Research and Extension are available online for downloading and printing, including, which can help anyone gather important information in one place. That information can be kept in a safety deposit box or other secure location and can be invaluable in emergencies.

The form includes space for family members’ names, birthdates and more, plus contact information space for key advisers, such as attorney, executor, doctor, religious adviser, insurance agents, and banker. It can also help gather basic information about vehicles and other property and credit, bank and retirement accounts.

More information about this and other resources is available at K-State Research and Extension Post Rock District offices. Links to resources also may be found on the K-State Research and Extension COVID 19 page


By: Brenda Langdon