Money Saving Tips

Brenda Langdon Family Resource Management Agent

With deals on items as varied as mattresses and back to school supplies, September is a surprising month for good buys.

Mattresses – Year after year, September is the time for mattress sales. Expect these from department stores and mattress centers usually as a part of Labor Day sales.  Keep in mind that this year COVID-19 may have an effect on mattress sales.

iPhones – Apple has been known to announce its new iPhones in September. Usually the unveiling is followed by a drop in prices on the current phones in anticipation of the new models.  This year with COVID-19, this may not be the case. Be watching for the new Apple Watch in September and the iPhone 12 in October.

Appliances  Expect a series of blowout deals in the week leading up to Labor Day, including promotions on appliances big and small.

Mark your calendar: Labor Day is September 7.

Freebie day:  National Coffee Day is Sept. 29.

Upcoming expense to consider and budget for:

Last minute cookouts, car maintenance, wardrobe refresh, labor day getaway, Christmas, back to school supplies, new clothes for the kids, sports or activity fees, lunch money, vaccinations.

By: Brenda Langdon